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    Telling Lime Products

    Telling Lime Products

    Telling Lime distribute the Unilit range of natural hydraulic lime mortars and plasters in the UK/Ireland along with Corical and Coridecor lime putty paints, lime washes and polished plasters. For conservation and restoration lime grouts, lime concrete and lime screeds are ideal mortars due to the characteristics of these vapour permeability mortars.

    Under a collaboration with Pittsburgh Corning, hydraulic lime mortars have become the adopted mortar for the insulated render system, Limetics, where it is applied on to Foamglas, a 66% recycled cellular glass. The systems have gained CWCT test approval and have also undergone flood resilience evaluation with Unilit Hydraulic Lime Mortar applied to a Foamglas panel for flood prevention measures.

    Hydraulic lime mortar enables construction without expansion joints and lime plaster and lime render can be applied over Foamglass insulation boards to create the ultimate carbon free and recyclable cladding system in conjunction with Unilit insulating lime render. Unilit hydraulic lime renders and plasters can be applied over brickmesh for weak substrates and lime paint and anti grafitti coatings are also available.

    Bonding bridge plasters in hydraulic lime enable the repair of old lime backgrounds without the need for removal and salt resistant Unilit 30 hydraulic lime render is suitable for cellars or as a natural damp course membrane with an extensive range of pre-coloured lime mortars for pointing and stone repair.