GRC Brick & Tile

Ibstock Telling have developed, tested and launched a range of brick facings for their GRC (glass reinforced concrete) including hand made, water struck, stock, extruded and mineral slips.

Applying innovative and unique methods of attachment the facings range from 4mm-25mm are mechanically and adhesively attached to the grade 18P concrete, thereby meeting the most stringent performance requirements.
Hydraulic lime mortar pointing ensures that porous and imperfect profiles of brick can be used in the knowledge that penetrating moisture will be extracted as vapour.

Accellerated weather testing for freeze/thaw, pull off, impact and UV degradation are regularly undertaken for specific projects. Storey height panels, spandrels and columns spanning from floor to floor or mounted upon curtain walling weigh 60-100 kgs/m2 Ceramic tiles can similarly be bonded and mechanically cast in to the GRC.